Custom Hiring of Agricultural Machinery to Farmers
Land Development Machinery

In order to take up Land Development works such as land levelling, land shaping and puddling works, 91Bulldozers, 63Laser Land Levellers, 196 Tractors and 2 Hydraulic Excavators are available with the department for hiring out to farmers at nominal hire charges. These machinery also cater to the need of relief works during flood and natural calamities.

Besides, for taking up Transplanting and Harvesting works, 7 Paddy transplanters, and 50 Paddy combine harvesters,  are also available for hiring out to farmers at nominal hire charges.  The details of machinery available for custom hiring in each district and the hire charges are furnished in the table. This programme of custom hiring of agricultural machinery to farmers will be continued during the year 2015-16.

Minor Irrigation Machinery

The Agricultural Engineering Department is having a fleet of machinery, under minor irrigation scheme viz.,30 Rotary Drills, 10 Percussion Drills, 19 Mini Drills,63 Hand Boring Sets, 7 Long Hole Equipments and 33 Rock Blasting Units for hiring out to the farmers at reasonable hire charges for taking up sinking of new bore wells and revitalization of open wells. Also, 8 Resistivity Meters and 2 Electrical Loggers are provided to farmers for locating well sites and aquifers on hiring basis.