Rehabilitation of Irrigation Network in Chittar Sub Basin in Tirunelveli District Under NABARD Assistance
Funding Pattern
State Plan Scheme with NABARD Assistance
Project Area

Tirunelveli District – Blocks covered are Tenkasi, Kadayanallur, Shencottai, Alangulam, Keelapavoor, Manur and Melaneelithanallur.

  • To enhance recharge of aquifers by introducing suitable water conservation practices,

  • To ensure integrated development of rain fed area

  • To enhance the physical access of water on the farm

  • To assure irrigation for cultivable area in Chittar sub basin

Details of works
  1. On Farm Development works

  2. Extension, Renovation and Modernization of Field Channels

  3. Gravity flow Pipeline System

  4. Construction of new farm ponds

  5. Construction of Water Harvesting Structures

  6. Large scale implementation of micro irrigation systems

  7. Provision of solar pumping system

  8. Promotion of fodder bank for cattles

Benefits offered (Subsidy)

100% Grant is provided for all the conservation measures.


All the farmers whose lands are covered in the Chittar Sub Basin are eligible.

Time-limit for Implementation

Programme commenced during 2017-18 and completed during the year 2019-20 (Three year programme).

Officer to be approached
Assistant Executive Engineer, AED, Tirunelveli, Tenkasi, Cheranmahadevi, Assistant Executive Engineer, CADP, Sankarankoil Unit 1 & 2 and Vasuthevanallur Unit 1 & 2. Executive Engineer, AED, Tirunelveli, and Executive Engineer, CAD&WMP, KNIP, Tenkasi.
Superintending Engineer, AED, Tirunelveli. At State Level,
Chief Engineer,
Agricultural Engineering Department,
Nandanam,Chennai-600 035.
Phone - 2435 2686, 2435 2622