Services Minor Irrigation
To help farmers in locating suitable site through Geo-physical survey for sinking of tube wells.
To bring new areas under irrigation by creation of additional irrigation facilities.
To stabilize the areas already under irrigation
Details of Works
  • Selection of sites for construction of Deep Borewells and Tubewells.
  • Construction of tubewells in alluvial soil.
  • Revitalisation of wells by side boring and blasting in hard rock areas
hire charges
  Name of Machinery Unit Agriculture purpose
Percussion Drill Day 300
Rotary Drill 8" ( 200 mm ) dia Metre 130
Rock Blasting Unit Blasting 250
Hand Boring Set 6 " (150 mm ) dia Metre 30
Mini Drill 6" dia (150 mm) Metre 70
Resistivity meter Point 500
Electrical logger Tube Well 1000
Note: The hire charges are subject to change based on the market rate of the diesel.